My story.

When I tell people I work in communications, 90% of them ask: “so what does that mean?”

It’s a dangerous question because I could talk for hours on this subject. In the interests of brevity, I tell them this: communications is about helping people, companies, organisations to convey a message clearly and simply. It is about helping them to work out and tell their story to the audience they want to reach. For a full account of what that’s meant in terms of my career, please visit my LinkedIn profile.
I found my way into communications through writing. After university I moved to New York, where I edited a start-up guide and later freelanced for the New York Times Digital for many years. I still love writing copy — there’s nothing like the moment when you know you’ve got it just right. But I’m increasingly interested in the moment before the first line: the communications strategy — the clarity that needs to come before writing, speaking, sharing, tweeting.


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